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Shouldn’t all this have been in Mark’s article?

Okay, so this must be “Epilog Week”, as Mark and Bill Ellis flesh out the aftermath of this tawdry episode. Bill seems fixated on the elephant, in spite of the fact that Mark was actually there to investigate Tess’s tiger zoo operation. And where is Amy Lee, Mark’s assignment editor for this adventure? As for the losers who Tess recruited, I predict many will just find another charismatic charlatan to follow.

One possibly new development in comic strip anatomy (as far as I know) is the text balloon acting like a text box (panels 3 and 4), but with quotation marks. This is another method of distinguishing the present time while referring to the past, like the outlined Mark in panel 2. However, as a meme, its function is not so obvious. Perhaps italicizing the font (or changing the font) would help distinguish it from normal text balloons.

Still waiting to hear about Diana Daggers and/or Rex Scorpius!


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