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A calm before the storm?

There they are. Talking in short sentences. Like Jack Webb. Just the blab, ma’am.

To build up suspense, Rivera emphasizes the light-hearted bantering of parents and friends as of yet unaware of the plight of the frightened members of the cryptid search party, marooned on a boat, surrounded by crocodiles. Yet, I’m still perplexed how the campfire crew will affect a rescue, given that they apparently do not have another boat on hand. However, the de-bait team must surely have another boat or two that can be pressed into service.

But, man (so to speak), that is the neatest s’more I’ve ever seen. How did they get the melted marshmallow to conform to the graham cracker’s shape so cleanly? Don’t tell me that “Mr. Back-In-My-Day” trimmed his s’more!?

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