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This will be on your quiz next week

Okay, Mark. get what: Climate Change creates rapids (as in panel 4)? I don’t see an obvious connection. More water just makes deeper rivers. As far as I am aware, rapids are due to changes in the inclination of the riverbed, along with the narrowness of a river section and the state of the riverbed (i.e., rocky). More water could lead to rapids, I presume, if there was not enough water to begin with. Have to agree with Mark about the gator migrations.

Still, I’m surprised Duke didn’t push Mark into the river after going into “Professor Trail” mode. Too pedantic and patronizing. I know, because my wife feels the same way about me.

Of course, Duke gave Mark his opening, as if he was one of those kids that used to show up on the Mr. Wizard television shows of the 1950s. This passage should have been presented in a more conversational or story-telling manner, rather than as an abbreviated version of the Sunday lectures.


5 thoughts on “This will be on your quiz next week

  1. Every word in the last panel is bananapants. Pack ice is what floats around in the Arctic. The Mississippi hit record lows last year. (The lower Mississippi & a few tributaries are the basic inland range of alligators, plus a few in East Texas) Hardpan runoff is not a factor in alligators range. Gators live in mostly still waters, not rapids. Their range in NC has expanded by about 40 miles, and they’re still pretty rare at the north end.
    I’m going to do a longish Twitter thread to try & find out where Jules got this nonsense.

    • Thanks for the additional info, Downpuppy, especially the information on global readership! 🙂 Much of Rivera’s understanding may be flawed, but I believe the basic premise that gators moving north is due in large part to a warming climate is accurate. Of course, it’s a slow process, not like refugees fleeing war or famine. In fact, there have been a few gator sightings in Virginia, though not in my home town (Portsmouth). Fortunately, I don’t think we have too much to worry about over the next several decades.

      • Northerly gators are indeed a Mark Trail tradition. James Allen put alligators in the Great Dismal Swamp for the First Boat Explosion, a quite nice rented sailboat.

  2. Mamma mia! You’re right about that Dismal Swamp episode. Shucks, that place is just 30 minutes from my old home. Biked there several times with my brother, but never saw a gator. Wasn’t looking for one, either. Great recall, Downpuppy!

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