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Catching up

I can tell you that the Paxlovid regimen has greatly shortened the intensity of my misery and pain. I can even walk up/down the stairs. But I’ll be officially isolated until at least Friday. I fear COVID will join the yearly vaccine lineup, along with pneumonia and the flu. But, on with the show!

Monday: Yes, exactly where did the STEM nerds set up their retreat? And what are they doing—leaving their food out in the open in picnic baskets? I don’t know about you, but if this strip was animated, I’d bet that Bill Ellis would come off like Max Headroom, the pioneering “A.I. TV avatar” of the 1980s. Otherwise, I think we’re back to another adventure in Crazy Time.

Tuesday: Somehow, I’m getting the feeling that Bill Ellis will say or do just about anything. But really, this is nuts. If there actually was a bear issue, wouldn’t somebody have already called a game warden or local park service? Somehow, “nature journalist” doesn’t come to mind when I think “RAMPAGING BEARS!” Then again, maybe it’s the result of the STEM nerds getting plastered every night and doing really stupid things, such as posing for selfies near bears, petting bear cubs, etc., like tourists sometimes do at Jellystone, er, Yellowstone Park. Anyway, this could be a prime audience for some Mark Trail Outbursts Of Rage!

By the way, I overlooked a prior bear engagement that Mark Ellis may have referred to. It began back around mid-April 2014 when Mark had a jeep accident by Obie Falls in Lost Forest and was pursued by a black bear. Adventure ensued. Check it out on our archives.


6 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Glad you’re getting through Covid. My daughter has had several rounds, but she’s young & vaxxed & used to infections as she works with teens & rides the subway.
    Didn’t realize you’d been doing this that long. Is 10 years of archives long enough to go back to Old Whatsisname & the Burning Log Defense?

    • Appreciate the good wishes from you and Mark! I’ve had all my jabs and boosters, been wearing a mask in public for nigh on 3 years, and still caught the damned thing. It’s humiliating.

      The site begain in Jan 2013 by Dennis Williams, who ran it very well and with a kind of respectful snarkiness that I think fit well. However, he did not cotton to Rivera and ultimately turned it over to me, a former commenter like you guys, back in April 2019. We’ll see how long I can last.

  2. It sounds like the Paxlovid regimen has been a great relief for you and I’m glad to hear it! I’m also very interested to hear about the STEM nerds retreat and what they’re up to. Bill Ellis sounds like quite the character and I’m curious to find out what he will do next! I’m wondering, do you think the STEM nerds are intentionally leaving their food out in the open as some sort of trap?

    • Welcome, Kathy! Thanks. I’ll feel better when I test negative on Friday! 🙂 As for the STEM Crew, we all await to learn who they are and why they are doing whatever it is they are doing on that mountain, and that includes their strained relationship with bears. As for Bill Ellis, if he ever had a real personality, I’ve never seen it. Other than appearances, there isn’t much difference with the pre-Rivera era Bill Ellis.

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