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The Mark Trail Pain Show hits the road!

Ah, I do so not wish to continue to take on the role of snarkmeister, so popular with commenters on the Comics Kingdom web site. Sure, I could write about the truly clumsy perspective in panel 1, whereby Bee Sharp would be about ten feet tall if he could stand up. Nor do I want to once again play the Gilligan Card and riff on how Mark was able to get Andy and a wagon all the way over to this location so quickly. I also won’t step on Rivera’s toes by wondering why Mark didn’t just call for an ambulance or rescue service in the first place. No, I won’t.

Perhaps it is reasonable to guess why Mark is having such a great time over this near tragedy:  Seeing several of his “enemies” get the short end of the stick and knowing they had to depend on him to rescue them. Maybe Mark is more vengeful then we think.


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