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The clouds part, the sun shines, but the zip-a-tone beard remains.

Bee Sharp is thinking of something, as we see from his thought balloon in panel 1. Just what it is, however, remains a mystery, owing to its minute size. Another mystery! Well, if you can figure out what he’s thinking, drop a comment.

Now the story moved on to a successful conclusion, I think. They are all safely out of danger, Mark proclaims in another “feel-good” story arc. Don’t those two have to get to a hospital or urgent care center? But enough, already! I had hopes that this rescue sidebar would push the story along by injecting some actual drama, like how dangerous it was for Mark to get to those two boobs (No, I’m not talking about Molly!). Maybe we could even have had a bear sighting during the rescue, something to remind readers what this story is supposed to be about.

In any event, behold the two week climax of the story arc for Mark. I’m sure we all had a few moments of nail biting, didn’t we? If form follows tradition, Monday brings back Cherry and whatever she was doing. Oh, right:  Arguing with Honest Ernest.

4 thoughts on “The clouds part, the sun shines, but the zip-a-tone beard remains.

  1. I went through the archives to make sure : Yesterday was the first appearance of Andy on this trip. He’s kind of large for a purse dog.
    Anyhow, the term “dog cart” turns out to include actual carts pulled by dogs, mostly by Flemish dairy farmers. So, learned something.

    • Learning is fun. I like it, too.

      I think this is Andy’s first and probably last appearance in this story. He’s fulfilled his as-needed role and is now free to take on the role of the ghostly rescue dog, Neil, in a revival of “Topper”, should it reappear.

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