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Another day and all I have are questions. Again.

A third straight week for Mark. Poor Cherry, we last saw her in the flooded rooms of the Sunny Soleil Society with Violet Cheshire, around April 22nd.  I reckon we’ll spend yet another week in the woods.

So: How to explain today’s situation? Doesn’t “surrounded” mean trapped on all sides? Perhaps the phrase “confronted by” is more apt. Anyway, the enemy has invaded.

And why is Sid stump dressed like some combat-ready karate kid? Why are those three wearing bandoliers; are they expecting to fight off federal agents? And are those really guns in their hands? They sure look odd to me. Maybe these tech-weenies just came from a paintball session.

Given who showed up, Mark looks unduly worried. If he can’t take care of all three of those walking nerf balls, he should turn in his useless “fists o’ justice” or pass them on to Cherry.


2 thoughts on “Another day and all I have are questions. Again.

  1. On the blown up version I get just by clicking on the strip you posted they’re holding a stick, a club & either a pepper shaker or a candlepin. So, no idea why bandoliers. Looks like Mark might finally get to punch somebody, unless the bears step in.

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