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Well, way to spoil happy hour, Mark…

As the Political Elite lounge in overstuffed chairs, highballs in hand, Mark lets loose his trickery!  And they are going for it- hook, line and sinker.  Johnny leans forward in his chair, Anne Marie places her hand over her heart “Scarlet O’Hara Style,” shocked by what may be coming next…  I understand that we need to move this story along, but clearly there is only one thing to talk about- Mark’s plan to sway the Senator’s mind into NOT casting his vote to spoil the refuge and drill for oil…

But one thing’s clear, having watched 60 Minutes last night- it was the Senator’s “Leadership PAC” that paid for the plane that flew them out of DC, and will continue to support Anne Marie well into her life, after his, since putting family members on the “payroll” seems to be all the rage these days…  Small peanuts to Johnny, who has designs on true wealth, but still, one of the perks of office that explains how these people arrive in Washington paupers and leave wealthy…


But really, I think Johnny’s shock and awe isn’t over the fact that he and the senator have been caught red handed, but that Mark (a) knows what a cell phone is and (b) knows that he can use it to record sounds… THAT’s the real shocker here!

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