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It’s working! It’s actually working!!

Oh, Mark, you should be on the Big Stakes Poker Tour…  Your execution is flawless, you have them folding on your pair of deuces…  Johnny snatches the phone/tablet from Mark’s hand with a perfect circular flourish, while the Ol’ Senator is coming clean, on nothing more than a bluff.  They must’ve said a lot more to each other than we know, dear readers, judging by the level of hysteria being generated.


Cover-up?  Wow.  Whatever could that be about??  Mark uses words like “influencing” but it would appear that words like “over a barrel” would be more in order…

Meanwhile, in panel three, Ranger Dusty is at his post, amazed by the whole thing, and yes, confused by it too…

2 thoughts on “It’s working! It’s actually working!!

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