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Think this through, son.

And where exactly are you running off to?  By running you only admit to the world that you have something to hide.  What is the saying?  When you are in the end zone, at least behave like you have been there before…  When confronted with an accusation, keep your cool, and don’t give your accuser the satisfaction of seeing you overload with cortisol and take flight…


Should have seen this one coming.  The Elk, set on revenge.  Because of course, in the Trail-verse,  the Elk is a sentient creature who knows exactly what “hit him” and “who did it…”  “Aha,” it says to itself, “There’s the little sh*t that winged me with a high caliber round and didn’t have the good sense to track me down and finish me off…  so now I shall have the chance to do to him what he was going to do to me.  Except I don’t have a gun or opposable thumbs, so I shall run him through with my prodigious rack…”  He seemed to say…

And for those of us skeptical as to what an angry Bull Elk will do, here is evidence that they are not afraid to use what nature has provided…

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