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Well thank Heavens the phone will be saved…

Because I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that Mark did not opt for the extended warranty- the one that covers breakage, theft and dropping it over a cliff… When I suggested that Johnny was running over the hill and into the abyss, I had no idea.  I was speaking euphemistically at that point… not literally…


And yet, there will go Johnny, over the edge.  If he doesn’t then all perspective and every law of motion will be violated.  The only question is what’s below and how far does it go?  Looks like it goes down quite a ways, enough to at least leave a mark, not to mention the broken ribs and internal bleeding that will no doubt be the result of the Elk-blow…  But have we ever seen a bad guy actually die in the Trail-verse, or do they just get their due at the end of a cold-chiseled fist and a shotgun wielding law-man?   I’d like to think that Johnny’s last words won’t be ‘NNOOO!’ But rather some weepy monologue about how he was never loved as a child and needed to prove to his cold and distant father that he, too, was capable of working the system to his advantage…

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