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Mission Accomplished!

With only minor Collateral damage to one Elk and one Bad Guy…  But again, Senator you are but one vote…  as Hudson Mason votes, so moves the Congress?  As Atlas shrugs, so moves the world?  Maybe he is the deciding vote after all…  Maybe congress is all divided and locked up along party lines and the Ol’ Senator is going to “break ranks” and spoil the party…


That’s right Senator, climb back on board your Gulfstream IV and return to the fetid swamp that is our nation’s capital.  Climb aboard the conveyance that relies on the fossil fuel that you refuse to see extracted from any “beautiful area” that is offered up as “exhibit A” in the continuing struggle to balance our wants with our needs…

And Anne Marie, time to get out of that ribbed turtleneck / shirt combo that all Trail women are forced to wear while in the “great outdoors…”  remember Wes ‘n’ Shelley?  She must have stolen that outfit from her…

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