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This Strip is funny… in so many ways…

I sit here wondering whether they mean for this stuff to be funny, or are they as unaware as the protagonist…

What- no lusty tales of Graft, Corruption, Bad Guys and Bull Elk falling to their death?  Of Innocence lost?  No, just that the Senator will do what he can to “protect wildlife in this area…” <<snore…>>

What? Huh?  Rusty?  Friends? Those two words have never been uttered in the same breath.  I smell another plot cooking.


“And oh, yeah… there is usually another Carbon Based Life Form padding around the house… Rusty!  That’s it.  That’s his name.  Where is he?  I hope we got a good price for him…”

Remember how we track MTTLF?  (Mean Time to Lost Forest) The amount of time Mark disappears only to return?  Well, this yarn spun for 64 days… Counting Sundays where Mark takes an aside to tell us about some life form (usually) unrelated to the current Pot-boiler…  What’s funny is that Mark was a stone’s throw from Lost Forest the whole time (when not lunching swankily in DC) and did he bother to check in?  Of course not!!

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