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The last reference to $5,000 I recall…

…was the cost of the grill on the Rolls Royce Convertible that Anthony Michael Hall (The <nameless> Geek) was encouraged to use by heartthrob Jake Ryan to drive the overserved prom queen Caroline Mulford home

And George, regarding that “Reducing Lens,” were you perhaps looking through the wrong end of a telescope?

And yes, Ants are people, too… but what young man, me included, didn’t delight in the discovery of what happens when concentrating the sun’s rays to a point, capable of burning paper, lighting a rocket fuse (Right, Woody?) or even chasing down a stray insect?? Seems Mark’s oversized sense of virtue was developed early, and certainly not from his father, judging by all the mounts in the background…

And penance was paid by forced child labor? And the future Cricket Bro allowed to smirk over his shoulder as he got the best of everything? Including a father who (for right or wrong) stood by him? Oh, the wounds were inflicted early, went deep, and never healed…

Thanks to George for keeping the fires burning! Safe travels!


One thought on “The last reference to $5,000 I recall…

  1. This is so un-PC, but I loved using a magnifying glass when I was 5 years old. It was one of my first lessons in physics, exploring light waves, refraction and heat. Yes I burned ants, but I tested it on many things, including my own hand. But there was one kid who lived around the block that too much enjoyed frying ants, pill bugs and moths. Perhaps he is Cricket Bro?

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