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Mark not only talks to animals…

… but to narrators as well…

Took me a minute to get my bearings, campers. We all have voices that we hear, voices that tell us things and suggest right from wrong, voices that are planted in us at an early age. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s not. Mark’s head is a roiling cacophony of memories and characters that have created tremendous self-doubt and loathing! Interesting to watch him break loose of such shackles.

Robby B. is nothing but a bully. We’ve all seen his kind. Insecure to the point of needing therapy himself, he finds joy in bringing others down. Crazy how stress caused Mark’s hair to turn prematurely, uh, blue? And is he in fact wearing a scout uniform in panel 3? Or just the latest version of the pink chamois-cloth shirt he’ll sport for years… until he meets Jules and switches to plaid?


2 thoughts on “Mark not only talks to animals…

  1. I am a little conflicted.
    On the one hand, I am a scout leader.
    On the other hand, my name is Rob.

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