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Why does Mark need a phone for a computer video chat?

[edits below] Really now?!? How could there be a rampaging elephant on the loose, anywhere in the United States for more than a day or two, at most? If zoo staff, the DNR, and the State Police could not track it down, private hunters by the score would not pass up this opportunity to be out in trucks, ATVs, and private planes, all hoping to at least pinpoint the panicking pachyderm.

Would Mark abandon an assignment in mid-stream just to hunt down a crazed elephant? Would he abandon Diana and Rex for a story? I reckon this might be a test of Mark’s journalistic ethics and professionalism. Or maybe not. Free-lance journalists are just hired hands and go where they are told, when they are told, and to quit whining about it. In any event, Mark doesn’t know how to solve his current problem, so it might be time to cut bait.

[added] On the other hand, he is already in Texas. Maybe the elephant will suddenly come crashing into the Tiger Touch Center and really create some excitement!


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