Home » Rash Decisions » Cherry demonstrates how to throw her peace offering under the bus

Cherry demonstrates how to throw her peace offering under the bus

Peace offering!? More like a diversion, I think, so that Cherry can verbally sucker-punch Violet Cheshire when she’s not looking. Violet may be thinking of a different kind of relationship with Ernest, but Cherry is laser-focused on condemnation and retribution. Had she just listened to Violet more closely, Cherry might have figured out how to blackmail Violet by threatening to divulge whatever information Violet fears would become public. That would have solved Cherry’s problem of how to rid Lost Forest of Honest Ernest’s noxious lawn care supplement. Blackmail would call into question Cherry’s own values, but as we have seen in the past, Mark and Cherry don’t mind crossing lines when they think it is for the common good.

For all that, Cherry doesn’t seem at all concerned about wildlife and their vulnerability to the poisonous lawn spray. I think Mark would be very disappointed at this selfish oversight; that is, if he wasn’t somewhere in Texas, having conniptions about Rex, Tess, and a panicky pachyderm.


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