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What happened to filming a show?

Ah, back to the Texas Twits…I mean, Mark and Rex. That prickly pear cactus in panel 1 looks a bit cartoony (flat) to me, like something from a Hanna Barbara cartoon. Perhaps that is a visual pun for this prickly pair, Rex and Mark. Rex and Mark. Are they filming a show or enjoying a vacation!?

But as Rivera notes in panel 4, Mark certainly knows about the consequences of hiking in nature with women, as also seen in this panel from back in July. Even Cherry made sure we readers did not miss the signs.

So, is Mark concerned about Tess Tigress or Rampaging Horton? Leave it to Mark to ruin their budding romance. Okay, okay. She may be a con and Rex may be a mark. But for what end?

I say, let them go and say nothing about the elephant. If the elephant does somehow show up, Mark can enjoy a good laugh to see those two running for safety, pursued by an elephant adorned with their clothes. That would make a great panel, too.


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