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Mark gets schooled in what sells

I try to keep my snarky tendencies to a minimum, so I’m not going to go on a rant about how Bill Ellis always seems to look like some kind of puppet.  Still, why does Mark take this guff from Bill Ellis?

Maybe Mark should start marketing himself to a wider range of nature magazines (such as National Geographic) that don’t depend on a tabloid luridness scale to evaluate worthiness. On the other hand, while gator migration is an issue, it is not a new one; so Mark’s story idea will go nowhere, unless he takes a hint from Ellis and finds an interesting hook.

I have a few slants to gin up some excitement, should Mark be interested:

  • Gators:  It’s what’s for dinner
  • Another way global climate change can hurt your pets
  • They’re coming to eat your children!
  • Is alligator migration just a croc?

Bet you can come up with even better ideas.


2 thoughts on “Mark gets schooled in what sells

  1. Mark is working for a corporation that controls the last 10 magazines that still pay, so next has to be for Teen Girl Sparkle : The Purse that Bites – Was that Alligator Poached or Fried?

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