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The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

Editor’s Note: OOPS! Sorry, gang. This past was supposed to get posted last Sunday (February 12, 2023), but for some reason, it remained in the draft queue. Now, it’s totally out of synch. “How come you didn’t notice and chide me for it!?”

Another action-filled week (Feb 6-11), readers. Boy, if you missed it you, er, missed . . . that is to say, I don’t see how this made it into a family newspaper! So risqué! Even my wife blushed.

Wait a minute . . .

Oh, sorry. I was reading Luan by mistake. Let’s see now…this past week found Mark and Duke taking the De Bait Team’s powerboat back to Gator Alley so Mark could snap photos and instruct Duke on the connection between Global Climate Change, Pack Ice in the Atlantic, and Turtle Migration. Well, two out of three made it to the Global Finish Line. So, what is the joy in Mark’s heart for these alligators? He didn’t seem to be sharing the love when he was trying to push the grounded boat back into the water!

Mark sees the gators’ northerly migration and proximity to Lost Forest as a new way to sell articles while working from home. Mark seems to think this is a catchy, new idea. Reckon he’s been too busy the past few years to notice the once popular Work-From-Home trend in America, as well as the more recent “Get-Your-Ass-Back-To-The Office-Or-You’re Fired!” ultimatum now making the rounds. But Mark still has time to do his pro-bono Sunday nature mini-lectures, so here is his latest:

Frozen (not refrozen) food—especially seafood—will often be fresher than that found unfrozen behind a counter. I’m not sure why anybody would bother with animal control for an iguana. I’m sure they have their hands full, rescuing albatrosses or wolf spiders. Instead, let the iguana alone and maybe it will wind up as another animal’s tasty snack for the day.


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