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Cherry’s greenhouse makes a brief appearance

Editor’s Note: After reading this, please scroll down to read the post for last Sunday (February 12th, 2023) that I wrote but forgot to post. Sorry about that!

Mark (again) misses the unintended hint from Bill Ellis about how to further his career while staying close to home. But I suppose keeping up with modern times has never been very important in Mark’s work ethic. He’s been getting slapped in the face by characters monetizing themselves on the Internet for a few years now. Still, no awareness in Mark. It’s as if he believes that he still exists in a comic strip universe drawn with a Winsor & Newton #7 sable brush and Higgins Black Magic India ink. Okay, so a lot of Trailheads would like that, too.

Contrary to some opinions, I don’t think going back to Teen Girl Sparkle is a great idea. As there are many magazines owned by one parent company that hires Mark, how about having Mark work for magazine #6 or #9, for example? I thought one of the interesting notions of this multi-magazine concept was that Mark would get a variety of assignments from a variety of chief editors and trying to fit his work into different magazine formats. Lots of opportunities for variety and drama in that concept.  Only, most assignments have come from Amy Lee at Teen Girl Sparkle, with one from  Rafael Suave of Hot Catch magazine (the zebra mussels affair).


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