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Ahh, Spring!

When Bighorn Sheep turn their thoughts to banging heads and Grizzly awake, looking for their first meal… I don’t know, but the Bighorn in the foreground of panel two looks a might dazed…  I hope he won his battle!  But considering that Lost Forest is in GEORGIA, and Bighorn Sheep tend to roam the WESTERN UNITED STATES, that little plane has quite the range!!  And since the RHODODENDRON’s native range is the middle Atlantic states on down, this is one confused ecosystem…  unless the namer of said lake was from the east and missed the flowering bush and so decided to name a lake after it despite the fact that the climate is much too cold and dry…


And Apparently when you are a VERY RICH PERSON, which obviously Wesley Chapman is, hiking is optional… “Let’s take the sea plane… there WILL be a place to put it down, won’t there, Trail?  Considering that Mark already had a nice place picked out “near a ranger station,” that Wesley had no prior knowledge of, this is all very coincidental…

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