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Nope, don’t Worry about US…

“We will be JUST FINE, man with the Bengal Tiger hat band…”  And off the MEN go, up into the wild blue.  Spending their valuable, limited resources on a joy ride to go look at SHEEP.  Really?  Hard to know where this one is going.  Hard to not repeat previous story lines… but then that has never stopped Trail, Inc. before, and it’s never stopped me from waiting impatiently for the next installment…


“Well, Mark, if you have been paying any attention at all, you would know that so far you are failing mightily in what was your prime directive- getting my sour-puss, outdoors hating wife to appreciate what is my passion and where I am pouring my hard earned money in support of ‘Woods and Wildlife Magazine.’  No matter how many times I have told her to ‘Not ask me about my business’ she persists.  If this little gambit doesn’t work, I will have to kill her…  now we wouldn’t want that, would we?  Let that not be on YOUR conscience…”

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