Home » Wes and Shelley » NEW YORK OFFICE?!?


Ok let’s count the ways in which this scene is truly anachronistic… First off, it would appear that in the Trail-verse, Print Media is still alive and well…  the internet has yet to make its presence felt… have you picked up an issue of Time Magazine lately? It’s wafer thin… Second, the sumptuous office of the editor- big wooden desk, built to take the full weight of a grown man leaning against (suggestively) without yielding an inch, the overstuffed chair to drape oneself over (even more suggestively) third, the fact that both men are dressed like a scene out of MadMen- full suits and ties, and nice pocket square, Mark… And finally, the fact that Mark still gets all cleaned up to go into town to meet with his editor face to face… I think that is charming


And why is everyone an OLD friend?  Like they have known each other since the Pleistocene?  SO glad Mark found the time to actually write the article he was assigned…  He has truly superhuman abilities, in between tackling embodied evil wearing fins (shorts ones, but fins nonetheless) and bragging about saving Rusty, apparently he was able to crack off a few thousand quality words…

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