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And the Plane goes… CRUNCH!

Ooh, that’s going to leave a mark…  Mark Trail, that is… (ha, ha…) but seriously folks,  the port wing has been cleaved asunder from the failing aircraft, our intrepid hero and the benefactor of Woods and Wildlife Magazine are hurtling into the canopy, large sounds are being emanated, and good heavens what WILL become of them?  Good thing Editor Bill Ellis is blithely unaware of the peril unfolding… his meal ticket and favorite writer are about to go down!  Now THIS is real action!  No more “My cell phone doesn’t work/ I hate the outdoors” from ol’ whats-her-name… We have real danger going on here…


Assuming that Wes has the chops to set this craft down (oh that’s right the plane “isn’t responding”) he and Mark should be able to continue this story line as a study in survival.  Taking notes everyone?  What Would Mark Do?

Well, let’s at least hope that the plane has the requisite arrangement of survival gear, although given that they couldn’t get her “back over water,” I imagine that they won’t be using their life preservers or seat bottom cushions, clutched tightly to their chest, arms folded and hands locked through the straps… “Hey, were you guys paying attention during the pre-flight?? I bet you weren’t…”


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