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Mark keeps his own counsel…

Doc, you just don’t look like yourself at all in the wilderness… you really don’t…  And Cherry is happy that she “decided” to join Mark and drag her Father along while Mark gets to carry not one canoe but two up the rocky trail…  Hey, isn’t that Mark’s Long-lost brother- Rocky Trail- which is who we are probably being introduced to in panel 3…

At this point Mark is no-doubt wondering how his “time off” became burdened by his wife and Father in Law…  At least Andy pulls his weight.


MEANWHILE… Let’s cut to the State Penitentiary where Jared is being sprung and picked up by Rocky… (total guess there…)   And where is he going?  Disneyland? Nope, to the local Watering Hole for a beer.  Seems harmless enough, until we learn about his plans to further his criminal career, since he remains unemployable and just left what amounts “bad-guy finishing school…”

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