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Well. Isn’t Doc the “Good Scout…”

Warm Weather clue #1:  Jackets have come off and shirt sleeves are rolled up past the Trail- elbow…  Warm weather clue #2:  don’t see one, but one is enough along with what the whiny old man is saying: “The fish have quit biting… whaaa!”  In panel 3 Doc looks genuinely afraid of the black fly invasion being predicted by Mark.  Pupils dilate, brow furrows, he looks nervously to one side, then I suppose to the other in anticipation of the buzzing swarm about to descend upon them…


But what’s with all the “stuff” in the canoes?  If they have made camp, then why are they schlepping all their gear out in the middle of the lake with them?  Or maybe they are forever on the move, leaving no trace, making it ever more difficult for Rusty to ever catch up with them…  That’s right, old man. Better douse yourself with deet and wrap up in your netting, not that it will do you any good when Rusty DOES find you… Hell hath no fury like an orphan scorned…

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