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Apparently Mr. Dunlap knows a lot about alot…

…about more than Indian artifacts, that’s for sure, if he is able to pronounce that “Doctor Davis’ injuries are not serious…” What, is he running a clinic out there along with his Indian artifact museum?  And how about that- Cherry has a maiden name… Davis.  I guess I knew that, I just forgot.  But goodness we are all so formal- even the bad guys.  Mr. Dunlap, Dr. Davis…


So yes, meanwhile, in the same general vicinity, Jeff and Jared are enjoying tremendous weather.  It would seem that the weather system that drove The Trail Party into the hands of Mr. Dunlap was extremely localized and hasn’t hampered their progress an iota.  So as Jeff polishes his .44,  Jared is growing weary of the whole travel by canoe thing.  paddle, portage, paddle, portage.  Stop, sleep, eat a little, do it again… hrrumph.  I might also point out that the bad guys have enjoyed not only good weather but a change of wardrobe… And if I am not mistaken, Jeff had hair when he met Jared at the prison gate and later bought him a beard.  I guess that way he can stay one step ahead of the wanted posters in the post office, and Interpol, for all I know…

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