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Let me guess… those are your real names?

And Mr Dunlap’s name is Ed!  How nice!  Baucom and Sosbee!  What?  Did you come up with those names planning Scrabble®?  OK a quick google reveals that there are actual people with these surnames.  The fact that I have never heard of them is of little matter I suppose…  But now we are on a first name basis, so what could possible go wrong now?  It would also seem, though, that Jared has been given strict instructions from Jeff- “I will do the talking once we get there…”  So there’s Jared, in the Stern, proving all the locomotion.  I am sure he is hating this gig more and more by the hour…


Oh, Ed…  So trusting.  But what Jeff ‘n’ Jared do not realize is what else lies between them and riches!  Tension mounts!

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