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“Just you wait and see! I’ll show YOU. . .just you wait! . . . so, you still waiting?”

(edited) You know, if somebody talks about doing something, chances are that the something won’t get done. I’ve got a hunch that this pointless interlude—which includes explaining the origin of the nickname “BOFFO” which has little or nothing to do with hitting somebody—is a preamble to Diana taking charge while Mark swings his fists in mock anger. The last time Mark exercised his hands it was an exercise in futility. Well, let’s hope that I’m wrong about this, but with that stereotypical guy-brag in panel 4, it is hard not to believe Jules Rivera is setting up Mark to take a dive once again.

And this place is supposed to be Diana’s room? I’m sorry, but they are in the front room of a “bed & breakfast” house, which I presume includes multiple private rooms for boarders, including the owner. Of course, all those people are conveniently someplace else for the day. It simplifies the logistics of the story, of course, so that’s okay. Now, why did Mark open that door?


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