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The Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

This week saw the conclusion of the drawn-out and melodramatic confrontation between Mark and the two “persuaders” sent by the Duck Duck Goose Shipping Company to stop Mark from prying into their business. Well, as far as Mark knows, it’s just about zebra mussels. However, the two goons did not see fit to waste much time talking. One gathers, from their hokey attire and clumsy technique, that discussion is not a part of their job description. While they spent a lot of time banging on the door to Diana’s B&B, demanding access, Cliff and Diana got hot and sweaty inside, and it wasn’t from proximity to each other.  But why the near-panic? The odds were on their side, after all.
When Mark’s testosterone levels reached their max, he decided to open the door, only to be met with a haymaker from the smaller thug, so-named Boffo. Mark returned the compliment, which made a more lasting impression. Diana’s shovel to the head of the second guy must have had a similar result, as the Saturday strip showed our three madcap adventurers speeding away in Mark’s station wagon. What we didn’t see was the time after they downed the invaders. Was there any inspection of the two hoods? Did they snap photos to post on SnapChat? Did they even take the goon’s shoes to slow them down? Not as far as I can tell. Instead, they zipped out of there as if a tsunami was right behind them. Mark and his companions seem to have no larger understanding of the Big Picture at this point. While the gang speeds on to Cliff’s fishing lodge to hide out, let’s take a look at today’s nature strip.

[edited] My guess for the topic today was frogs, but garden clubs won out. I reckon that’s a nice enough lead-in to Cherry’s upcoming week. So, what is all that lightly-drawn vegetation we see in several panels? Are they symbols of future growth? If Jules is doing the coloring for Sundays, then I suppose we must see these as metaphors of representative results of a garden club. Mark, quit being such a Vanity Queen and let Cherry have her own time in the Sunday Spotlight once in a while!

Not to carp too much, but wouldn’t more “action” in these panels (e.g. gardeners doing the activities they are mentioning) be more effective at making Rivera’s points than a bunch of static “photo-op” poses?

Well, Cherry and her gang of green-thumb commandoes have a midnight date with a statue and a bunch of bees. Remember? And I’m looking forward to the action and the fallout!


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