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Uh-oh! Honest Ernie lives up to his name.

Yeah, Ernie’s corn-pone persona dropped pretty fast, once he got down to business. At least, he’s been straightforward about his intentions. Reckon that owl did not slow him down, either, as Ernie and his crew fulfilled the third predictive outcome I made yesterday. Did you guess correctly? Okay, so I waffled; but option#3 was the most likely outcome, because it provides the best option for adding more drama. And here it comes!

So, action fans:  What next? There is just today and Saturday before we return to Mark’s storyline. Something else is bound to occur. Maybe the bees attack Honest Ernie and his gang. Ironic justice. Or we get left with a cliffhanger, the usual “wait for it!” plot device before the story breaks away. Were the bees killed now, it would also kill Cherry’s storyline, for want of anything left for her to do. Therefore, we have to expect something will occur to interrupt the extermination. Agree or disagree? Let me know!


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