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Showdown at Pioneer Park

Okay, still early in the week, but here is what I think could be done to resolve the situation, Mark’s histrionics notwithstanding.
Cherry proposes a win-win scenario to Ernest:  Ernest must order Cherry to get rid of the bees. Ernest then reports to the Sunny Soleil Society that he “got rid of the bees”, keeping him in good standing and allowing him to get paid by the Society, not to mention getting laid by his wife for not ruining her position on the Society’s board. Shucks, sometimes you have to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson.

Eh, so what’s with the vertical lines on the chins of Mark and Ernest?

Side note:  We have another “bad guy” type involved with insects. But like Cricket Bro, Honest Ernest isn’t doing anything illegal that we know of; just being an ignorant prick. The pesticide enhances his odious, redneck persona. Small wonder Cherry and Mark are edging closer to Edward Abbey’s philosophy and behavior. Will Rivera have them cross that line and risk their integrity and liberty?  It’s not likely they’ll stray too…. oh, I forgot:  Mark already crossed that line at least twice. And Cherry did once, as well. Okay, forget I said anything.


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