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Where do we go from here?

[edited] Of course they are safe. That insurance company deer out front protects them. Well, at last the Trails acknowledged their son! That’s some progress, at least. Did everybody really contribute to the zebra mussel article? In what capacity? I don’t recall any marine biologists in this group, but I bet the details of whatever took place inside the lodge wind up recorded on sheets of foolscap stored away in a locked dispatch box in Charring Cross Station.

The prose and pacing in today’s strip remind me of a typical epilogue segment in old-school TV adventure programs, wrapping up with small talk, warnings, and farewells.  So, I’m wondering if Mark’s storyline is also going to be another rush-to-the-finish line conclusion. Yet there are still several balls in the air. How will Rivera juggle them?

  1. The status of the company “goons.”
  2. The secret business of Duck Duck Goose that its boss is desperate to protect.
  3. The ongoing scams of the comedy team, Cricket Bro and Professor Bee Sharp.
  4. The actual findings of Diana and Mark’s investigation.
  5. The fate of Diana Daggers, whose profile seems to be diminishing.


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